Strategic Partner - Pininfarina SpA

An icon of Italian design, Pininfarina SpA has given life to some of the world’s most stunning automotive designs. Through our strategic alignment, Pininfarina SpA will work with our design team to combine its design philosophy and engineering heritage into the first-ever solely Pininfarina-branded car.

Automobili Pininfarina

Strategic Technology Partner - Rimac Automobili

Today, as electrification is becoming a genuine powertrain option and a necessary engineering solution for the future, we have a unique technical partnership with Rimac to provide battery, drivetrain expertise andhardware for Battista.


Tyre Partner - Pirelli

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots. Pirelli tyres are offered as original equipment on Battista.

Automobili Pininfarina

Audio Partner - Naim

Founded by a racing car driver and entrepreneur with a deep passion for music, innovation and engineering excellence, Naim audio features as original equipment in Battista.

Automobili Pininfarina