Battista Anniversario

With Battisita, we want to give our customers an experience that is unlike anything they have ever known. Which is why we have assembled a truly global team of the most illustrious business, technical and design innovators spanning across 13 countries.

Luca Borgogno

Luca Borgogno Chief Design Officer

“We want the future owners of Battista to develop a relationship with this car and be proud of its provenance and what it says about them. So the design execution will deliver both a reassuringly luxurious, comfortable and entertaining interior, and a traditional ‘Pininfarina’ experience as a whole. Pininfarina SpA’s historic values of elegance and simplicity provide us with a great opportunity to stand out from the design of most current supercars and hypercars.”

Nick Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld Development Driver

“The opportunity to join the Automobili Pininfarina family and develop cars that will deliver performance unlike anything before them is fantastic. I will continue to race next year and I am looking forward to sharing my motorsport knowledge with the new engineering and design team at Automobili Pininfarina, which will support their ambition to create beautiful sports and luxury cars offering electrifying performance on road and circuit."

René-Christopher Wollmann

René-Christopher Wollmann Product Platform Director Sportscars

"The time has come for an unbelievable fully electrified hypercar-dream. We now have the first time ever all the right ingredients: the necessary cutting edge technology with an amazing design, and talented people and experts behind it to make the performance dream come true. We are ready to write Automobili Pininfarina history.”